The Sungevity Solar Installation
Process in 7 Steps



Our solar consultants conduct a virtual consultation to go over the best solar design and pricing for your home.


Home Visit

During the home visit our installation team will inspect the home to make sure it is ready for solar.

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Design Review

We will review the remote solar design, adjust based on the site visit and confirm that it works for you and your home.

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We will pull permits and handle your paperwork according to your local requirements.

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The installation crew will install the equipment according to the solar design.

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Your system will undergo inspection to make sure everything is up to code.

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Our installation team works with your utility provider to set up your net-metering. Once everything is good to go, your system is turned on and your home is now powered by the sun!


How much money will I save by going solar?

The answer to this is different for each home or business, based on the size of your system, your electric usage, the amount of space available for solar and the financing option you choose. Most homeowners can save with solar, and those savings can often be significant. Homeowners who buy their systems can see payback periods as quick as 4-7 years. Homeowners who instead choose loan or lease financing pay $0 up-front costs and can start saving on their combined solar + electric bills in month 1. You can request a free quote and our experts will design a custom system for you, which will include personalized savings estimates for your home.

What are the benefits?

There are so many benefits to going solar. We’ll name a few popular ones. One of the biggest benefits that you can feel good about is that you’re using a renewable energy source. You’re reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and lowering your impact on the environment. Now your electricity is renewable and produced from the panels.

Because you’re not using as much electricity from the grid,you can expect a significant decrease in utility costs. You're still likely to have some utility costs since you'll need to pull from the grid at night when the sun isn't shining and your utility charges a small monthly connection fee. If you add a battery to your solar, you can save more while avoiding time-of-use charges. Our goal is to help our customers find the best solution and the most savings by going solar.

Financially, you can also consider going solar an investment. Thanks to what you’re saving on utility bills, you’ll be able to pay off your solar panel system in a much shorter time. Houses with solar energy systems can expect a higher property value than non-solar homes, so if you were to sell, your home would be an appealing option to most potential home buyers.

What is Sungevity’s experience?

We are a company built around individuals with valuable industry experience. We put the customer at the center of everything we do and our goal is to use our knowledge to create the best solar energy systems for our customers. Our industry experience combined with our competitive products and pricing ensure a great customer experience from start to finish.

Do I need to do my own maintenance?

Each new system will come with a 25 year production guarantee which includes future maintenance costs. This guarantee is included with any system whether you finance or pay for the system outright.

Are there hidden costs?

The proposal that your consultant reviews with you is an all inclusive price for your system. The only costs that may come up are unforeseen until the site survey, much like any other construction project. Typically an unforeseen additional cost would be an upgrade to your main service panel, tree trimming, re-roofing, etc.

What if I move?

All services, warranties and oftentimes financing are transferable to the new homeowner. We will be there to assist you every step of the way!

I am confident Sungevity stands behind their systems and takes care of their customers...I feel like I have an electric company I can count on which is great when you look at PG&E in the news.

Raymond W., Union City, CA

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