Battery Prices Down 76% Since 2012

Home solar with backup battery storage more affordable than ever


Bye Bye, Blackouts!

According to Climate Central, an organization dedicated to climate science research and reporting, the cost of battery storage (in dollars per megawatt) has dropped approximately 76 percent since 2012.

Graph: Renewable Energy and Battery Storage Prices

The detailed brief focuses mainly on large scale clean energy production and storage. However, the effect spills over into residential batteries as well.

This is excellent news for homeowners, especially in California. Homeowners in California are eager to switch to solar with a backup battery. But the potential cost has caused many people to abandon the idea before they even get a quote.

But now, with home solar with backup battery storage more affordable than ever, there’s no reason to delay. The longer you wait, the more you pay your utility company’s high rates.


Blackouts Cost Us All

Californians have been dealing with blackouts for years, but this year, it’s worse. The state’s biggest utility began aggressively shutting off power for huge populations at a time. This is an effort to stave off wildfires during high winds. Homes and businesses have been reeling from these public safety power shutoffs – and we’ve all been paying the price.

According to Michael Wara of the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, these extended blackouts could cost our commercial and industrial economy up to $2.5 billion.

Blackouts are dangerous and expensive. What’s worse, the utility will likely keep raising its rates as it plays catch-up from decades of neglecting its grid.

Keep Your Lights On

Things are easier when you flip the light switch and the lights come on. Typically, we don’t think about it…until we flip the switch and the lights don’t come on.

Our lives are filled with little things like this. It’s easy to take for granted how much we rely on a big electrical grid.

But as soon as your power company shuts the power off because of a fire danger, you feel it. It’s more than just an inconvenience. It’s expensive, and in some cases, it’s dangerous.

But now, homeowners can take their power back.

Home Backup Battery StorageWith solar panels AND backup battery storage at their lowest prices ever, now is the perfect time to switch to solar.

Sungevity is here to help. We take the time to help figure out the best custom solar setup for your family. We help you save money instead of paying the utility company’s high rates.

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