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California Solar Power Cash Purchase

When you opt for a California solar cash purchase, you’ll pay upfront for your solar power system. Sungevity offers a 25-year production guarantee to California residents. After our California solar installers have completed your installation, your solar energy system will pay for itself within ten years or less! Don’t wait, explore a cash purchase with our California solar power installers today.

Why Should You Finance a California Solar Loan?

A California solar loan is a great way to own your solar panels without paying for the whole system up front. By financing your California solar power system, you'll get:

Federal and state tax incentives.
24/7 monitoring.
A 25 year production guarantee.
More money in your pockets each month!

Benefits of a California Solar Power Lease

With a leased system, you pay for the power produced on your roof while the leasing company owns and maintains the system for 25 years.

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California Solar Power FAQs

Why a Sungevity Solar energy plan?

Our California solar power installers are passionate about offering the highest-quality solar systems for California residents. By designing efficient solar systems and providing flexible financing plans, our solar installers enable California residents to generate their own energy and save money.

What happens when my California solar energy plan ends?

After your 25-year Sungevity lease is up, you can choose to renew your California solar power system, buy out the system to own, or have our solar installers remove the system from your California home. If you own the system, you can enjoy free energy for the remainder of the system's lifespan.

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