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Solar Panels For Your Home

You shouldn’t have to choose between controlling electricity costs and great customer service. So your custom-designed Sungevity Energy System includes more than high-quality solar panel technology for your home. You also get a passionate team ready to ensure your system is right for you now, and keeps working for you long into the future.

What are you saving for?

Many of our customers start saving on their electricity costs from the day their system is connected to the grid. No matter which financial option you select, you get predictable energy costs that help protect against utility rate hikes, so your savings could increase over time.*

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A solar energy system designed around the way you live Sungevity

The solar system that revolves around you

Your Solar Energy Savings. Your Solar Payment Options. Your Electricity Freedom.

We take the time to listen and understand your energy needs. Then we custom-design options for your Sungevity Energy System, using the best available solar technology, like sleek, black-on-black panels and low-impact roof mounts. A top local professional installs your system, then we monitor it 24/7 and guarantee performance for 20 years. And we give you tools to see your system’s energy production in real-time, plus transparency with savings reports on demand.**

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“Sungevity makes it quite easy to go solar but that’s not where it ends in the relationship. I think their customer service is the number one thing that separated them in the end. And I value that greatly.”

Scott Gelfand, Sungevity customer since 2012

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