Service For A Current System


Unfortunately, the previous Sungevity company closed its doors for business in November of 2020. Due to this change, Pineapple Energy can not perform maintenance on previously installed systems due to liability reasons with our current installation partner. If you are experiencing service-related issues here is one step you can take to ensure your system is running properly.

  • See what type of inverter your system has. Each brand of inverter that Sungevity used in their systems has a customer support line that should be able to remotely diagnose your system issues.

If you are having ongoing issues with your system try contacting a local solar installer or technician. Often times they can easily diagnose the issues and have them solved after a simple service call.

We are sorry about any inconvenience this has caused for you. Below are some helpful links and information for helping remedy your current service-related issues.

Solar Edge

1 (510) 498-3200


ABB (inverters)

1 800 435 7365

+1 440 585 7804



1 877 797-4743