Sungevity vs. Other Solar Companies: What Makes Us Different?

Sungevity beats the rest in simplicity, flexibility, and personal service


Installing solar panels on your roof is a power move. It’s not only a great way to save money on your utility bill, it’s a great way to reduce your reliance on an unreliable utility company.

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners nationwide, particularly for those who live in California. In this state, the price of electricity keeps climbing due to recent developments involving the state’s largest utility providers: PG&E and SCE. Utility costs are also climbing in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey…pick a place in the US, chances are electricity prices are higher than ever.

So if you’re looking to go solar to save money and get away from your utility, Sungevity has got you covered. As the top solar installation company in the nation, we make the process for customers as quick, easy and affordable as possible.

Read on to learn about the benefits of working with us, and the characteristics that set us apart from all the other solar companies out there.

A faster, easier qualification process

Since every home is built differently, solar companies first need to assess your roof to make sure it qualifies for solar panels. However, it could take days or weeks for them to send a representative to your house.

At Sungevity, all we need is your name and home address to get started on the qualifying process. We’ll look at your home virtually in Google Maps, then create a 3D rendition of it, showing what the solar panels will look like on your roof. This allows us to qualify your property and provide a quote without even having to pay you a visit.

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Custom solar system designs

After the qualifying process, most companies will provide you with a list of solar products to choose from. But what if none of their options fit your family’s needs?

Roofs come in all different shapes and sizes, and different families use different amounts of electricity. So other solar companies might not have the right solution for your family. There’s no right price for the wrong system.

That’s why we custom design all our residential solar systems. From assessing your roof and your average electricity bill, we can pick panels that are the most effective size and type to save you money right from the start.

The fastest installation in the game

The quicker your solar panels start generating electricity, the sooner you’ll start saving money on your utility bill. This is why you need a solar installation company that moves fast and helps you through the process. There’s a lot of paperwork involved, from dealing with government regulations to getting operation approval from utility companies.

While some solar companies may leave this part up to you, we go the extra mile to handle it for you. We can have all the logistics handled, paperwork arranged, and the panels installed in just a few weeks.

Flexible financing options

You won’t need to worry about the cost of installing residential solar panels. We offer a range of solar financing options, which allow us to provide you with choices for what you want most and what works best for your family. This goes hand in hand with custom designs, so that all our customers actually save money from month to month.

For those with the available funds, you can certainly do a cash purchase. Or, similar to purchasing a car or a home, you can acquire a solar loan, which may come with tax-deductible interest, depending on where you live. You can also take out a power purchase agreement (PPA), which means you’ll just pay for the power your panels produce, and will not actually own the system.

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Long-term relationships with customers

The biggest distinction between us and other solar companies is how we create and maintain relationships with our customers. We don’t simply install the panels and walk away. Instead, the installation itself is just the beginning of a long-term partnership.

Since residential solar systems are a relatively new technology, most homeowners don’t know how to keep their panels in good condition or fix them when they stop working. That’s why all of our systems come with a 20-year parts and labor warranty. If something isn’t acting right, we’ll send a worker over to find out what the problem is and make the necessary repairs for absolutely no charge.

Ready to take the first step toward switching to solar? Connect with Sungevity today so we can start the virtual qualification process and show you how you can save money with solar!