The Top 3 Reasons to Go Solar Now

The Federal Tax Credit, low financing rates, and alarming utility rates are the top three reasons customers have to go solar now instead of waiting around.


Why go solar right now? There are, of course, plenty of good reasons, but here are the top three reasons to call Sungevity and make the switch as quickly as possible.

1. 26% Federal Tax Credit!

Customers who purchase or finance their solar panels can get up to 26% of the entire cost of the system credited on their federal taxes for this year.

But you’ll need to act quick if you want the full credit — in order to get it, you must have permission to operate (PTO) and your solar panels activated prior to December 31st.

There’s plenty of paperwork involved, plus the scheduling of installation. The process can be tricky to navigate, but don’t worry — Sungevity takes care of it all for you. Our time to install is among the fastest in the industry, but it still takes several weeks. If you act quickly, you can get your panels turned on and qualify for that 26%.

If your panels begin operating after 2020 ends, then the federal tax credit shrinks from 26% to 22% (2021). That’s still a good amount back from ol’ Uncle Sam, but 26% is better.

If you’ve been thinking about switching to solar, definitely switch now if you want that big chunk of money back in your pocket!

2. 1.9% Financing!

Our financing partners have worked very hard to get our customers the lowest solar financing available, and many homeowners qualify for as low as 1.9% rates on their solar systems.

This are historically low rates, and should NOT be slept on. We can’t guarantee the availability for qualified customers forever!

3. Avoid Rising Utility Rates!

Utility companies from California to Massachusetts are likely to raise rates soon. In California, PG&E and SCE have both had equipment blamed for starting major fires. In previous years, this has led to enormous costs and damage liabilities; PG&E declared bankruptcy last year (2019) after being found liable for billions in damages.

Costs for their mistakes get passed on to you, the customer. Going solar helps lock in electricity rates for the long term and keeps your costs low every single month.

Rising Utility Rates

If you want to avoid the slowly but steadily — and sometimes NOT so steadily — rising rates of traditional monopoly utility companies, contact Sungevity and switch to solar. It’s a smart decision any time of year, but there’s no time like right now. The longer you wait, the more you’ll pay to your old utility.

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