Water From Solar Panels?

Sungevity is partnering with SOURCE Hydropanels, bringing technology that uses solar power to extract clean drinking water from the very air around you.


What if you could get water from solar panels?

With Sungevity and SOURCE Hydropanels, you can.

Sungevity is extremely pleased to announce our new partnership with the manufacturer of SOURCE Hydropanels, a revolutionary new home product. These hydropanels use technology, powered by solar PV cells, to extract pure water from the air, add minerals, and pipe it to your kitchen faucet or refrigerator for you and your family to drink.

Just two of these panels can produce 300 liters of clean drinking water per month — enough for a family of four to six. You’ll never need to waste money on bottled water again, and you’ll never need to toss out plastic bottles.

SOURCE Hydropanel - Xray

SOURCE Hydropanels make, store, mineralize, and deliver premium-quality drinking water, straight to your tap, completely off-grid, and powered by solar.

It’s an independent, cost-effective, and sustainable supply of drinking water for your home. There’s no electrical or external water input; the water is produced in the panel array modules and piped into your kitchen.

With SOURCE Hydropanels, your drinking water is:

Monitored For Quality

Your water is carefully made, mineralized, and monitored in real-time by SOURCE Hydropanels’ Network Operations Center, so you know it’s perfect to drink.

Always Accessible

Your water is created using a completely self-contained system and is never disrupted by municipal failures or planned blackouts.

Premium Taste

Your water has been designed using a curated mineral recipe for optimal taste, mouthfeel, and alkalinity. The result is smooth, clean, pH-balanced drinking water.

If you’re interested in finding out more about solar panels that can produce water for your home, get in contact with us today!

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